06 March 2015  
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March 2015


The IIC's mission …
… from earth to sky, building bridges of knowledge

Founders and goals

The IIC was founded by the same genoese institutions that started the Columbus Congresses - the Municipality of Genoa, the University of Genoa, the Province of Genoa, the Autonomous Consortium of the Port of Genoa, the Chamber of Commerce and CARIGE Bank - together with the International Fair and the Province Tourism Board as well as the National Council for Research (C.N.R.), a particularly significant participant.

The IIC became an association of mainly public  Institutions, but with the mission of bringing in new members from the world of private business and professions.

In 1964 (D.P.R.1656 of 12.16.1964), the IIC received legal recognition as well as Statute approval as a non-commercial institution (no-profit or third sector entity).

The statute goals of the Institute were: organizing international conferences within the field of communications; conducting preliminary investigations for the assignment of the International Christopher Columbus Prize along with C.N.R.; in collaboration with the Municipality of Genoa for assigning the Columbus Gold Medal.

The Prize and the Medal have been awarded to famous people and prestigious organizations for contributions made in the world of progress, understanding transportation, space communications and telecommunications in the second half of the twentieth century.

Among the IIC's statute goals there is the continual promotion of research, knowledge, training and exchange of information in the fields of transportation and telecommunications.

A new role and new members

Within this framework, the IIC organized conferences, seminars, study meetings, publications and sometimes performed research and training activities in order to meet the needs and the suggestions proposed by its members or its Scientific Advisory Board.

In addition to the founders, among the members who have participated for several years in different periods, there are public and private agencies, professional and consulting firms, professional associations and groups, all of them carefully selected and scrutinized at the time they joined IIC.

Over time, as there has been a marked progress in telecommunications, computer technology and data processing, both Members' Assembly and the Scientific Advisory Board have asked to the IIC to organize or to participate at conferences with the highest level specifically in these areas. Together with the members and the Advisory Board and upon their request, the IIC has involved businesses, agencies, groups and associations external to its membership. In doing so, the IIC has gained a higher profile as organizer of scientific and cultural events, meetings and seminars of remarkable prestige both in Italy and abroad. In 2000, one of these conferences was held in Cleveland, Ohio ( USA), in collaboration with NASA.

In remarking the success of these events, the important role played by the Scientific Advisory Board, its national and international composition, contacts and the remarkable initiative of its members should be recognized.

Since 2000, the IIC oriented its activities toward the following objectives:

First of all and above all, maintaining and reinforcing its already recognized pre-eminence in the area of telecommunications and “Information and Communication Technology” by helping to keep the discussion alive during the current difficult economic period for the TLC industry; At the same time, increasing interest in the area of transportation wherever possible in the general area of IIC's activity (conferences, research, training), especially with respect to the promotion of maritime, mercantile, naval and shipbuilding industries; To intensify the activity in the field of research and training, preferably in collaboration with Universities and other members, keeping well in mind the fields of research and training programs of the European projects; To further the increase of the number of members with ongoing special attention to subjects interested in the world of transportation and telecommunications.

Comodality Promotion Center (CPC) - Genoa
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